Update:Quest Updates & Mithril Recipes!

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Even More Mithril![edit | edit source]

Welcome back to another update, everyone— we’ve got new Mithril recipes for you! If you’re looking for a Platelegs recipe to keep your legs nice and covered, head over to the Druid Commune! They might have a dungeon waiting for you nearby...

While you’re at it, why not try for a Platebody recipe, too? Word has it the Logger’s Camp could have what you’re looking for! Be careful, though! There may be some new, frightening foes you’ll have to conquer in order to get those recipes.

And... who is that mysterious new vendor within the Emerald City? Looks like you'll just have to head over there to find out.

Quest Updates & Mithril Recipes!.png

A Less Crabby Farmer[edit | edit source]

One of our quests, "A Crabby Farmer" has been given a fresh coat of paint. No new content here—so those who have already completed them, don't worry!—but some logic adjustments and new dialogue should make them more enjoyable to players first encountering it.

Another quest, "It's Not Easy Being Green", has had a quest completion bug finally patched! Players that completed the quest beforehand while it was bugged should now have received their missing xp rewards.

We also fixed up plenty of old monster inconsistencies. At last, every monster now has a unique sprite, size and name! Along with that, we modified some quests that required specific items to be delivered as part of the quest’s plotline. Now, items of any quality can match a quest’s requirements.

In addition, we’ve worked on fixes for a few wording issues, the HQ hotdog issue (where players were unable to make HQ hotdogs), and some levelling adjustments of skills and enemies. But that isn’t all. We’ve also released a ton of little bug fixes that you can check out on the patch notes posted in our Discord!

Special Thanks![edit | edit source]

Once again, special thanks to everyone who has joined our Patreon! Here’s some people who joined throughout the past week and throughout March:

Freshairkaboom, Lenny, Weorhtleas, Henry Herzfeld, Simon, Snapy, Andrew F.Kayla, Rinny, Rad Razz, DevvuDraws, Abyssal Demon, Jacob Brogan, Reinis Rediss.

Thank you all so much again for the support. See you all again next week!

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