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This official news post is copyrighted by Rose-Tinted Games.
It is copied verbatim from the Genfanad Discord.
This posting is dated 3 August 2023.

CLicHe Departments Update - 8/2/23[edit | edit source]

[Engine][edit | edit source]

  • Item IDs have been compressed
    • Please look out for any issues where using items doesn’t work.
    • We caught a bunch of issues, but I’m sure there’s some that were missed.
  • Monsters no longer aggro immediately.
    • To save CPU time, every monster was checking every player every tick before. this is now reduced to every few ticks

[QoL][edit | edit source]

  • Added #time command for anyone to use to get the game time.
  • It is now possible to log in by pressing enter.

[New Content][edit | edit source]

  • CLicHe departments are recruiting adventurers! Join one of 5 departments in a new building in Cent!
  • Tasks have been added to the game.
    • A new source of XP and item rewards.
    • Corporate Tasks—optional weekly assignments given by the Taskmaster at any bank.
    • Department Tasks—optional daily assignments that appear in the new Daily Task Tab™ after joining a CLicHe department. *Visit the recruitment office in Cent to choose an affiliation, then log in once a day to receive new Tasks.
  • All monsters in the game have been revisited. There are new spawns, new monster types, and new drops to find across the map.
  • Monsters now have resistances, immunities and weaknesses towards blunt, piercing and slashing damage. (All weapons deal one specific type of damage.)

[Visual][edit | edit source]

  • Cosmetic skirts are hidden when a leg slot item is equipped.
  • Resources should no longer get stuck in a "modified" state (e.g. harvested) if a player logs in right as they become available again

[Bugfix][edit | edit source]

  • Private messages from player mods now correctly have the mod icon.
  • Add the missing . in H.Q. for bronze bars, Bronze Vambraces, Iron Cuisses and H.Q. variants of Beef Sauté
  • Removed the trailing whitespace from all saute dishes.
  • Renamed Roast Potato to Baked Potato in the range/campfire cooking UI as that what it produces
  • Fixed crafting rates of Mithril Counterbalance.
  • Agatha’s cow can now be milked.
  • Milking cows is now possible with Jugs.
  • Location based food areas extended to all levels of a location (deeper dungeon or higher floors)
  • Ingredients used in crafting the black beggar shorts fixed
  • +2 LQ sapphire necklace stats adjusted to be in line with other qualities.
  • Equipped Top hat now kept on death

[Rebalances][edit | edit source]

  • All monster placements, droplists, and xp have been tweaked. (Thanks to @Fibs and @Lucas Pingu's tireless work!)
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