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This official news post is copyrighted by Rose-Tinted Games.
It is copied verbatim from the Genfanad Discord.
This posting is dated 27 April 2023.

Patch Notes 04/18/23 12:40pm[edit | edit source]

[QoL][edit | edit source]

  • Crafting UX improvements
    • Checkbox for 'ignore qualities' (works for all make options, and just picks them in inventory randomly)
    • 'add' option on the missing materials that will add that material to the crafting UI
    • Items in the crafting inventory will be hidden in the inventory (no clicking on "dead" objects)
  • Ajax has been moved away from the door of the butcher station.

[New Content][edit | edit source]

  • Mithril giant sword recipe added to the game.

[Bugfix][edit | edit source]

  • The mithril gladiator sword recipe now works.
  • Fixed a case where sending multiple craft commands would cancel your crafting and get the crafting bubble stuck.
  • If a player gets stuck, they are teleported to spawn on login.
    • Note: Doing this intentionally is considered bug abuse – please report any cases that are reproducible using normal game actions.
  • Lemon water name fix.
  • Druid crown now correctly takes up the head slot.
  • Mossy brick river shortcut correctly works both ways now.
  • A blocked door to a new house has been fixed.
  • More unreachable blooms have been fixed.
  • The “Pampered Cow” can now be milked.
  • The Yellow Belly Bear respawn time has been fixed.
  • Rogue and Dwarf Guard no longer drop raw fox meat and fishing rods respectively.
  • Coin numbering inconsistency fixed.
  • HQ wolf leather rates fixed.
  • Mithril helmet name has been fixed.
  • A wording error in the shortbow’s text has been fixed.
  • Double-clicking in whittling no longer cancels the action.
  • Missing shrooms are back again in their dungeon.

[Rebalances][edit | edit source]

  • Most weapons and armors have undergone some rebalance
  • Lemon water got a slight buff to healing

Patch Notes 4/18/23 5pm[edit | edit source]

  • reverted the weapon and armour rebalance temporarily. We'll do some more testing and it will be back eventually.
  • coal spawn rate increased
  • changing equipped items no longer works in combat
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