Update:Mithril Recipe & An Announcement

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New Mithril Recipes & Rebalances![edit | edit source]

Welcome back to this week’s update, Heroes! We’ve got a new Mithril recipe for you guys to hunt down and find… the Giant Sword! If you want something a little hefty to swing at your foes, this is just for you. Slink down into one of our dungeons and see if you can find the monster that will drop the recipe for you!

We have also done some rebalancing of most weapons and armor. Go ahead and explore, test out your equipment, gauge how resilient you are against certain enemies, and take a look for yourself at how things feel! We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Mithril Recipe & An Announcement.png

Bugfixes for Days![edit | edit source]

This update also comes with (arguably) the most bugfixes we’ve done! This includes fixes such as teleporting a player back to spawn on login if they’re stuck, the “Pampered Cow” now being milkable, the Mithril Gladiator sword recipe now working, and much more.

We also made some changes to the crafting's UX boxes. This will make adding items from your inventory easier and faster, "add" options, and items in the crafting inventory will now be hidden in the player's inventory. Hopefully these changes make crafting an easier experience!

And as always, read through the patch notes in our Discord to see everything we’ve changed and added for this week!

An Announcement![edit | edit source]

As most of you may know, we have been very busy planning for our launch on Steam. We’re very excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on, but because we’re working on so many new systems and reworks, updates in the upcoming month may not be as frequent as anticipated.

For now, we’ll be focusing on making the game a better experience for both old and new players alike, and in order to do this we’ll need to allocate more of our time to working on the Cliche Integration, rebalancing, and more that we’ll touch into in our mid-April behind-the-scenes post.

However, this doesn’t mean the end of weekly updates! We still plan to release updates when they are ready, and we aim to maintain a regular schedule of updates after the launch. Our priority is to ensure that we allocate sufficient time for each task that we need to accomplish.

Thank you all so much again for your continued support. If you’d like to support Genfanad and the team monetarily (and get a cute cosmetic in return) please visit our Patreon, where we share exclusive behind-the-scenes content!

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