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This week, The Boss finally got tired of all the backstabbing and front-stabbing that CLicHe's departments were engaging in, and passed a proclamation - all departments found to be directly fighting would promptly have the responsible vice presidents fired.

That aside, those pesky Department Leads are still jostling for that long-for promotion - so an enterprising intern set up the CLicHe proxy war -- and you, their adventuring employees, are how they plan to carry it out!

What are the Departments?[edit | edit source]

As you've seen over the past month, the Departments are the different in-game factions that we'll be adding with this update. In this update, you'll be able to pledge your life to a Department (you can't leave once you join!), and your actions will earn Department Reputation.

What does it do? Well, to start, not much. The departments fight over bragging rights - and larger pay checks - but you, the adventurers, get - well - just bragging rights. That said, the Sigma Six have promised "trickle down benefits" at some point in the future, whatever that means...

You can see which faction other players have associated with, though, so you'll know not to be too at ease if you see one of the Diplomats out and about, or maybe make sure to keep your wits about you if they're running experiments with R&D(&E).

And how do you raise your department's standing? Well, that's where our new gameplay features come in!

Tasks[edit | edit source]

"Tasks" are a catch-all term for "mini goals assigned by the game". Things like "Kill 10 chickens" or "Mine 20 iron ore". These tasks are meant to break up your gameplay and reward you for doing them. Of course, any player who chooses to can, simply, mine to get their next level, for instance, but tasks allow you to work towards the common goal of putting your department on top! They also reward you with Lootboxes that give you materials for your skills or items to work towards rerolls if you don't like the tasks given. Rewards are the same across all departments - allowing choose whichever department fits you the best!

Daily Tasks[edit | edit source]

These are tasks provided to you from the Department Lead each day. There's a limit to how many you can do each day, and they're meant to be quick objectives & easy to complete. These are the main way for you to enable your Department to get on top. So, if you're desperate to defeat the other departments, you know what you've got to do.

Daily Smaller.png

Weekly Tasks[edit | edit source]

These tasks are more involved than the daily tasks you'll be assigned by your Department Leads. Chip away at the weekly task of firing up those clay Jugs - or killing a legion of pigs - to the best of your ranged abilities and be rewarded with bigger, better lootboxes than the daily counterparts provide.

Weekly Smaller.png

And this is just the beginning for our Departments & Tasks systems - think of them as a framework. As we move through development, we'll be adding all sorts of complexity to them - new tasks, new rewards, and entire new systems built around your Department!

So, that's all for now folks. Plenty to look forward to, and plenty to get going on! We hope you enjoy!

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