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Quests are a series of tasks given to the player by one or more NPCs, usually involving a storyline, that can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a couple hours to complete.

The starting location for all quests are labelled with a parchment scroll icon (Quest Icon.png) on the minimap, and completing them can provide rewards ranging from experience and items, to access to additional content.

Requirements and enemies with a [1] following them are not mandatory, it is only needed if you are getting the items yourself and not via shops or other players.

List of Quests[edit | edit source]

Name Members Length Requirements Enemies Rewards Start


Adventurer's Bootcamp (tutorial) No Long None Kill 1 Level 5 spider None Tutorial
An Adventurer's New Clothes No Medium - Long 15 Botany
14 Tailoring [1]
None 3,000 Botany XP

2,500 Tailoring XP

South West of Cent
Always Forging Time No Medium - Long 15 Forging Hostile Level 40 Black Bear 3,000 Artistry XP

3,000 Forging XP

South East of

Emerald City

Adventurer, Fetch My Pants No Short None Hostile enemies level 32 - 42 3,000 Vitality XP

Illegal Pants

A Grisly Fate No Very Short None None 1,500 Butchery XP

1,500 Cooking XP

A Miner Revelation No Short None Kill level 12 Goblin Warlock

Avoid Hostile level 20 Golden Armored Goblin and level 22 Golden Warrior Goblin

2,500 Evocation XP

3,600 Mining XP
Iron Pickaxe

North Zamok Mine
Blow Down the House No Short 18 Botany
25 Logging [1]
10 Forging [1]
None 3,000 Artistry XP

2,500 Botany XP
3,000 Mining XP

South West of Cent
Banner Nord Saga No Medium None None 600 Tailoring XP North West of

Emerald City

Bogged Down in a Creepy Hollow No Very short None None 2,000 Botany XP

3,500 Cooking XP

South East of Tuthasback
Clearing the Field No Medium None Hostile enemies Level 14 - 24 2,400 Artistry XP

2,600 Botany XP
2,400 Forging XP
2,600 Whittling XP

Northwest of Zamok
Crafty Kingship No Short 24 Tailoring Hostile enemies Level 10 - 18 4,500 Attack XP

3,500 Botany XP
4,000 Butchery XP
4,500 Strength XP
5,000 Tailoring XP

Southern entrance of the Dark Forest
A Crabby Farmer No Short None Kill level 5 River Crabs 2,000 Artistry XP

1,500 Tailoring XP

Western Cent
Castle Mania No Short None Hostile enemies Level 15 - 27 2,000 Attack XP East of the Castle in Zakken
Fowl Play No Short None Kill 1 level 40 Raven King 1,500 Attack XP
1,500 Defense XP
1,500 Ranged XP
1,500 Strength XP
1,500 Vitality XP
The druid village
Farcical Feast No Short None Kill level 22 Snowbird Cultist (Requires Completion of Tears of an Incarnation) OR level 41 Ice Elementals [1] 2.400 Whittling XP Skal
Family Matters No Short 5 Botany None 2,500 Botany XP

2,500 Piety XP
3,000 Whittling XP

Northern entrance of Plenty
The Help No Short - Medium 22 Botany [1] None 3,600 Botany XP

3,500 Cooking XP

Heart of Gold No Medium 22 Forging
20 Mining [1]
None 5,000 Forging XP

1,000 Artistry XP
2,500 Mining XP

Kosten Ridge
It's Not Easy Being Green No Medium None Kill enemies ranging from

level 14 up to level 51 [1]

1,500 Artistry XP
1,500 Tailoring XP
1,500 Vitality XP
1,500 Whittling XP
Near the Peridot Tree of Life
Infernal Recipe No Very Short 7 Botany None 3,400 Cooking
Popcorn recipe
Mill Town
Moonshine No Short 10 Forging [1] Kill level 16 Red Frogs [1] 3,000 Vitality XP Kosten Ridge
The Monster Mash No Medium 22 Cooking [1] Kill 1 level 40 Zombie 5,000 Cooking XP The Wall East of Coyn
One Man's Trash No Medium None Kill level 22 Raccoon Bandits

Hostile level 37 Wasps and level 38 Tan Rats

5,000 Vitality XP Inside the Timberlode Threshold
Ronan's New Hat No Short None None 2,500 Artistry XP
2,500 Butchery XP

2,500 Tailoring XP

North-West of Skal
Rough Road Ahead No Short None None 2,500 Artistry XP

3,500 Butchery XP
2,600 Logging XP

South West of Plenty

(on the Yellow Brick Path)

Royal Distractions No Short 5 Artistry
5 Forging
8 Botany
None 3,600 Artistry XP

3,500 Botany XP
3,500 Forging XP
3,400 Whittling XP

Starry-Eyed Stew No Short None Kill 1 level 11 Royal Slime 3,000 Butchery XP
3,000 Cooking XP
3,000 Tailoring XP
1,000 Vitality XP
Tears of an Incarnation No Short - Medium 20 Mining [1]

15 Botany [1]

Kill level 15 Baby Ice Elementals [1] 4,000 Vitality XP North of Skal
Turning Over A New Leaf No Short 10 Botany Kill 5 level 12 Leaf Boys 5,000 Botany XP
3,300 Cooking XP
North-Northeast of Zamok
Witchy Mole, Diggin' Holes, Underneath the Rünvolk Stronghold No Short None Hostile enemies Level 29 - 43 4,000 Vitality XP
Godwin's Momento
Climb in the basket elevator (-193, 361), south of Skal
You Shall Not Pass Go No Short None Kill enemies level 16 up to 22 4,000 Vitality XP Ruins north of Zamok
The Warriors of Oz No Long 27 Forging Kill 1 level 35 Ol' Jack 2,500 Vitality XP

3,000 Strength XP
3,000 Attack XP
3,000 Defense XP
7,000 Artistry XP
6,000 Cooking XP
7,000 Forging XP

Carnelian Castle South of Plenty|}
Where Food is Born No Short None None 2500 Botany XP
2500 Cooking XP
2500 Evocation XP
1 Borscht
North of Zamok

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