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The objective of this page is to relay tips and tricks for players both new and old. This is always a Work in Progress! If you have any tips not covered on this page, please add them to the Discussion box you find at the bottom of this page.

UI Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When it comes to dropping items from your inventory, or even adding items to your bank, using SHIFT+Left Click will:
    • Drop the item you clicked on in your inventory
    • Banks all of the same items at once (i.e. Using SHIFT+Left Click on a piece of H.Q. Raw Chicken while having your bank window open, will deposit ALL of the H.Q. Raw Chicken in your inventory in your bank.
  • When it comes to seeing things on your minimap better, you can use the + and - keys to zoom in and zoom out respectively. NOTE: Before the addition of the +/- keys being used, you could hover your mouse cursor over the minimap and hold CTRL while scrolling your mouse wheel. What this does is zoom in the entire webpage, making things bigger. This can 'break' parts of the UI (such as making your inventory icons not sit in the circle spots) but can easily be fixed by just returning the zoom of the page back to 100%.
  • By hitting the small gear icon found to the left of the minimap, it will bring up some Settings which you can change:
    • Player frame size
    • Right panel size
    • Chat size
    • Chat font size
    • Chat time stamps (toggle)
    • Show roofs (toggle)
  • Want to add a bit of pizzaz to something you write in chat, such as to let players know you have something for sale? Type @color@ before your text (where color is a specific color for the text), or @ran@ before the text (which gives your text a constant switching of colors). Example: @ran@ H.Q. Raw Potatoes for sale!
    • @white@
    • @red@
    • @blue@
    • @green@
    • @yellow@
    • @limegreen@
    • @orange@
    • @purple@
    • @magenta@
    • @cyan@
    • @silver@
    • @gold@
    • @black@
    • @glow@
    • @ran@

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As a new player coming out of the Tutorial, you'll want to grab the free items on the tables outside the door as you enter Cent. You'll also want to get yourself some armor. Here is a link to Jenn's Upgrading Store, where Jenn will take your beginner armor and scrap metal to upgrade what you have.

Skilling Tips[edit | edit source]

  • While doing the Tutorial, take your time and skill up everything as high as you can go! Everything can go up to level 5 except Vitality which can go up to 12. This way, you can get a heads up on the game and some skills needed in quests you'll find.

Gameplay Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Notice all those strange creatures about in the world? They're called Blooms and are part of a mini game for Dew! You'll need to talk to Sage the Sage first in order to collect the Dew which you can then exchange for items.
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