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The Minichat window is a system which allows for communication between players in Genfanad. To display text that is a maximum of 100 characters, simply select the Say Something Bar, type, and press ↵ Enter. Pressing ↵ Enter while nothing is written will deselect the Say Something Bar and players can resume control of the camera with WASD keys. Conversation history is erased upon logging out of Genfanad.

Chat Tab[edit | edit source]

The Chat Tab is where all forms of messages are displayed. To limit the amount, select one of the five conversations tabs.

  • All - will do as the name suggests, displaying all forms of messages.
  • Game - will only display the dark yellow system messages that appear in response to character actions as well as green skill notifications.
  • Quest - will only display pink NPC dialogue.
  • Public - will only display players' spoken messages in white. Spoken messages are limited by proximity. The size of which is roughly as large as Cent.
  • Private - will only display private messages sent between two players in light yellow.

Additional Functions[edit | edit source]

Some functions of the minichat are accessed using specific comands typed into the chatbox.

Private Messaging[edit | edit source]

To perform a private message [PM], right-click a player's name within the Minichat Chat Tab or Friend Tab to select from a dropdown menu. Alternatively you can type: "/pm Username," before your message in the Say Something Bar (Don't forget the comma). If the player has already received a private message then pressing the R key will automatically bring up a reply prompt.

  • It should be noted that while "/pm" needs to be said with lowercase letters, the portion containing the player's Username is not case sensitive.
  • The phrase @color@ can still be used in the body of your message so long as it appears after "/pm Username,".

Colored Text[edit | edit source]

To modify the color of spoken and written player messages, add the phrase "@color@" to the start of your message.

There are currently 15 colors to choose from:

  • @red@
  • @orange@
  • @gold@
  • @yellow@
  • @limegreen@
  • @green@
  • @cyan@
  • @blue@
  • @magenta@
  • @purple@
  • @silver@
  • @black@ (Outlined in white.)
  • @white@ (Only shows above the player character.)
  • @ran@ (Rainbow)
  • @glow@ (A slower rainbow that only appears above the player. )

Please note that color names must be spelled with lower case letters. Players are free to use "@color@" anywhere in their sentence; however, only the words following the phrase will be modified.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Currently emotes can only be seen by the player and do not appear on other people’s screens. To perform an emote type: “/emote” in the Say Something Bar followed by the action of your choice. To stop emoting simply perform another action or walk away.

There are currently 6 available emotes:

  • /emote dance
  • /emote dance-alt
  • /emote cheer
  • /emote facepalm
  • /emote wave
  • /emote shrug

The phrase “/emote” must be written at the beginning of the sentence and in lower case. The subsequent emote of your choice can be written any number of spaces away and in any form of capitalization so long as it is spelled correctly. No other text can be written at the same time.

Friends Tab[edit | edit source]

Players can add friends by either selecting the green "Add User" button and manually entering somebody's name, or by right-clicking them in the Chat Tab and selecting the option via dropdown. To unfriend a player, right-click their name on the list and select from the dropdown.

Friended players will have their character name and current server name displayed next to a green light that corresponds to their online or offline status. Right-clicking a name in your friend's tab will also bring up the option to privately message them.

When adding to the list, the player’s username is not case sensitive.

Ignored Tab[edit | edit source]

The ignored list works similarly to the friends list. You can add players by either selecting the green "Add User" button and manually entering someone's name, or by right-clicking them in the Minichat and selecting the option via dropdown. To remove them from the list, right-click their name and select from the dropdown.

Adding a player to the ignored list effectively mutes them, with neither their Minichat text, overhead speech, nor PMs being visible to the player.

When adding to the list, the player’s username is not case sensitive.

Additional Functions[edit | edit source]

The size of the Minichat window, as well the text, can be adjusted in the game's settings window. Settings can be reached by clicking the cog icon at the bottom right of the screen. To minimize the Minichat window, click the five dots on its top right corner. Select the speech bubble icon in the bottom left to re-enlarge.

Players also have the option to PM, Friend, and Ignore themselves to similar effects.

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