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Templates are a useful tool used all over the Genfanad wiki to quickly put together consistently designed pages and keep the overall design of the Wiki consistent. This article goes into the many templates the Wiki employs across it's many pages and how they should be used on the appropriate pages.

General[edit source]

General templates are those that might not do a lot, but can make editing pages easier and quicker, as well as making other templates much easier to work with.

Unique General[edit source]

Some general use templates require extra variables to work, or they end up showing as an incomplete template.

Infoboxes[edit source]

Infoboxes are present on most pages and convey a simple overview of some of the information about the topic of the page. This should always be at the top of the page before the contents of it, to ensure it's not pushed down the page but text and other templates (Excluding headers).

Tables[edit source]

Tables are added to pages to convey information in a uniform way; as such, many tables are made of templates to ensure that they remain consistent across the many pages of the wiki. This also allows them to be updated to newer formats without requiring every page that uses them to be updated.

Equipment Tables[edit source]

Message Boxes[edit source]

Message boxes are templates to be used at the tops and or bottom of pages/sections of pages to quickly convey information, such as it being incomplete or the page is a specific type of page etc. These are built with the {{Mbox/wikitext}} template.

Navboxes[edit source]

All navboxes are based off the single template {{Navbox}}, see the Template:Navbox/doc page for more info.
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