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GenLite is an open-source third party plugin via Tampermonkey for Genfanad, written in TypeScript. The plugin features several quality-of-life improvements over the official client.

GenLite is currently not endorsed by the Genfanad development team. The Genfanad Player Agreement states that you are only allowed to use the official client, with the official client being defined as "an unmodified web-browser, the steam client, and any other clients released as 'Official' by the Rose Tinted Games team."

Discussion about GenLite in the official Genfanad Discord channel is not allowed.

Use GenLite at your own risk.

Use GenLite

Install Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey is a browser extension which allows "userscripts" (JavaScript) written by developers to be executed automatically on a webpage when it loads and is an essential component to running GenLite in the browser. In order to properly execute, adjustments to the Tampermonkey settings are made so that it can properly hook into the Genfanad Webpage and Client.

  1. Install the Tampermonkey extension in your browser of choice
  2. (Opera users should use the Chrome Store Version of Tampermonkey due to an incompatibility issue with some plugins)
  3. Adjust the Tampermonkey Injection Settings
    1. Open Tampermonkey Settings (Click Dashboard on the Extension Menu) -> Click Settings
    2. Under General -> Configuration (Config) Mode, Select Advanced
    3. Under Experimental -> Inject Mode, Select Instant
  4. Congratulations! The hard part is done!

Install GenLite

GenLite 0.2.20 introduced the GenLite loader which allows for better management and notification of users when updates are available! As such, using GenLite is as simple as a button click! After installing GenLite, you will need to refresh Genfanad if you already have it open!


GenLite Help

The GenLite/Genfanad community has compiled useful information regarding GenLite here. If you run into any other issues, we highly recommend joining the GenLite Discord and asking there!

GenLite Team

If your name is missing please inform us in the GenLite Discord!

Creator: TwistedFate#4053

Lead Developer: dpe#0175 (Support Me: Buy me beer, thanks )




KKonaOG#5021 ( Buy me games, thanks )

"Unpaid" Interns (Beta Testers):

High Hustler#7129


Honorable Mentions and Past Developers:





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