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The Fae Realm is another realm that players can access from Nuublandia. The entrance to Fae is located deep in the heart of the Dark Forest. Players must touch the "Jagged Crystal" to be teleported to the Fae Realm. Upon arrival, they will receive the achievement "In For a World of Hurt." A bank is located near the entrance.

The Fae Realm features high level monsters ranging from levels 30 to 98.

Dungeon/Overworld food do not heal extra in The Fae.

The Fae Realm is the only location in Genfanad that allows for PvP. To enable PvP, a player must walk east past the Border Cyrstals. The PvP area has no designated zones broken up by levels. Once in the PvP area, you may attack or be attacked by any player.

Dying in Fae follows the rules found elsewhere in Genfanad. Upon death, even in PvP, you will keep all equipped items.

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