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The City of Coyn
27 September 2022 (Update)
Reka Valley
Coyn Map.png

The town of Coyn is a trading hub located directly east of Plenty.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Map Key[edit | edit source]

Stores & Skilling[edit | edit source]

Materials and Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • You can find some random 'people' wandering around Coyn to show the point of your weapon.
  • Attackable guards wander the roads.
  • Are you brave enough to fight the knights that guard the castle?
  • (1) You'll find a working fountain here. Water source.
  • (2) There are some copper rocks and tin rocks here.

Dungeon Delves[edit | edit source]

  • (aa) You'll find the trapdoor to the Coyn Sewers here. You'll need to find a way into the inner Coyn Castle walls.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Gorman is a man of the sea. Arr!
  • (A) Aida and her daughter, Karyme, work in this kitchen. It's quite busy, despite the 'engine limitations'.
  • Lady Joy Bobblesworth glares at those who enter uninvited.
  • You can find some Spaniel Dogs in houses. Why don't you pet them ... IMMEDIATELY!
  • (G) A man named Kenneth stands here, looking for someone to help him find his pants.
  • You'll find the Waitress in the tavern handling the rowdy drunks.
  • Mind the many drunks in the tavern!
  • (K) Jeshawn the Barkeep works here. You'll have to ask him specifically for a beer, though!
  • Jollof's Inn is run by Jollof, but who needs to sleep when there is adventure afoot?!
  • A watchful guard stands outside the throne room.
  • Baron Leonard Flit rules Coyn in his castle in the southeast part of the city.
  • Like always, CLicHe Employees wander about, making everyone uncomfortable.
  • Maria Montoya, an old swordswoman, sadly won't teach you anything.
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