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The town of Cent, long ago known as Safehaven.
27 September 2022 (Update)
Reka Valley
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Cent is the starting city in Nuublandia, accessed as soon as you leave the Tutorial area. You'll want to grab the Sharpened Butter Knife, Blunt Hatchet, Dented Pickaxe, and Bent Sickle on the tables just outside the door. Its center square is the default spawn location upon player death.

NOTE: Cent does not have a bank. The nearest one is in Zamok to the north or Coyn to the southeast.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Map Key[edit | edit source]

Stores & Skilling[edit | edit source]

Materials & Monsters[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • The Suspicious Figure should be the first NPC you speak to after leaving the tutorial area. He'll tell you the lay of the land.
  • Fern is the general store owner located in the market square of Cent. She's the first accessible general store after completing the tutorial.
  • Corinthia who runs a food stall.
  • Wren who makes a comment about Jax The Butcher.
  • Jenn found standing by the forge, ready to trade for scrap metal.
  • Jordan Viljord who feels his work is "mediocre".
  • Kordan Viljord who says he's nothing like his brother, Jordan Viljord. Look at the shirts!
  • Iria who mutters about empty sigils.
  • J.K. Shelvin who is writing books.
  • Please don't rub potatoes in your eyes like Marnie Russet does!
  • Norvella can give you some hints on people and things happening around Cent.
  • Perhaps you can think of the book Tommy Noblepad is thinking of!
  • Jim Ney needs to learn about chewing tobacco.
  • Helen finds one of her neighbors to be very strange.
  • Sleepy Joe drops a bit of wisdom as he hands us an empty coffee cup.
  • The only bean Runna doesn't grow is a jelly bean.
  • Careful not to have a meat lunch before talking to Herbert V. Gann.
  • Grandpa Perwork has seen much and gives some advice.
  • Marigold can be found among the rocks behind the house she shares with Grandpa Perwork.
  • Lee warns about Flanella's bad vegetable jokes.
  • Flanella Savoy really loves her cabbage.
  • Geraldine Spudkins is one with her potatoes.
  • Say hello to Harvey and his trusty steed- er wheelbarrow.
  • Charles Jungellfowl takes good care of his chickens.
  • Kingsley is a nice gent, except to adventurers. Hopefully you aren't one!
  • Sheila the milkmaid just can't stop churning butter.
  • If you ever find yourself in a hole, talk to Jay.
  • Being so tall, Hugh realizes he needs to move.
  • Leafa is ready for another caterpillar invasion.
  • You can find a CLicHe Employee wandering near a corn field, studying the fencing.
  • Just don't touch Yurgen Cornmeister's corn!
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