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The bank of a player.

A Bank is a facility that allows players to deposit, store and witdraw items. Their location is indicated on the map with a coin (Bank Map Icon.png) icon.

There are currently five CLicHe-owned banks in Nuublandia. They are located in Zamok, Coyn, Emerald City, Skal, and Kosten. They can be accessed by speaking to their respective Banker, and share the same player storage space with a maximum of 66 item slots.

Unlike the player's inventory, items deposited in the bank are capable of stacking with themselves as well as with their differing quality variants. For example, 10 low, medium, and high quality iron ores would all occupy a single bank slot.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Left clicking will transfer items between the bank and player's inventory one by one.
  • Right clicking items in the player's inventory will bring up a submenu allowing players to "Deposit items" | "Deposit x [amount of] items" | "Deposit all items" | "Examine items".
    • Right clicking items in the bank's inventory will bring an additional option called "Issue Scrips". Doing so at the cost of 1 coin converts 5 items of the same variant into a stackable certificate. This certificate can later be redeemed at no additional cost by right clicking it in the player's inventory while at the bank.
  • Shift clicking will transfer all items of a similar variety at once.
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