Adventurer's Bootcamp

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Quest Details[edit | edit source]

Release date: 27 September 2022 (Update)
Start: Talk to the Overseer.
Length: Varies depending on how long you wish to take
Requirements: None
Items required:
Recommended: Level 1
Enemies to kill:

Things To Know Before You Leave[edit | edit source]

  1. You can return to the room with the Overseer and the mirror to change your appearance again if you would like.
  2. You can train the many things you've learned in the tutorial area up to level 5 (Vitality can go up to level 12).

Quick Exit[edit | edit source]

  1. Buy the CLicHe Building Key from the CLicHe Supplier or the CLicHe Shopkeep.
  2. Click on the door around the corner from the CLicHe Door Guard and past the penned in CLicHe Giant Spiders. You will recognize the door as it has signs with red X's on both sides of it.

CLicHe Bootcamp Tokens[edit | edit source]

There are many ways you can get items and products to sell for the needed CLicHe Bootcamp Token. Here are a few examples!

  1. Kill CLicHe Lab-Grown Slimes. Good if you want to level your combat.
  2. Collect logs from the Above ground area to sell. Doing this can keep your character "pure" as much as possible before leaving.
  3. Kill two birds with one stone! Kill the CLicHe-Bred Chickens for dropped CLicHe Bootcamp Tokens as well as the CLicHe Brand Departed Chicken. Then butcher those for feathers and raw chicken. You could then sell the resources you get, leveling your combat and butchery!

Quest Overview[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to the Overseer (A) found next to the mirror.
  2. Click on the mirror to set your appearance.
  3. Pick up the shield (Wagon Wheel Cap) and dagger ( Sharpened Butter Knife +1 ) on the table in the next room.
  4. Travel south to the next room and talk to Leeroy (B).
  5. Make a bow with the parts you got from Leeroy by clicking on the Unstrung CLicHe Shortbow then on the CLicHe Brand Bowstring to make a Shortbow. Click on the stack of CLicHe Brand Arrows in your inventory to equip them.
  6. Kill 1 CLicHe Giant Rat (1) found in the pen nearby with either your Sharpened Butter Knife +1 (melee) or your Shortbow (ranged).
  7. Talk to Leeroy again.
  8. Click on the door behind the CLicHe Giant Rats and go through it.
  9. Kill 1 CLicHe Lab-Grown Slime (2) found to the east and pick up the Slimy Key.
  10. Open the barred door south of the CLicHe Lab-Grown Slime. The key will disappear from your inventory, but now it is always open.
  11. Go up the stairs (aa) to find the outside part of the tutorial.
  12. Talk to the CLicHe Door Guard (C).
  13. Create CLicHe Ornamental Armor.
  14. Create CLicHe-Branded Art.
  15. Create CLicHe Mannequin.
  16. Create CLicHe Chicken Dish.
  17. Create Spidersilk Banner.
  18. Return to the CLicHe Door Guard.
  19. Talk to the Financial Advisor (D) to get 50 gp and finish the tutorial.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Congratulations! When you step through the next door you'll find yourself in the town of Cent.

Bootcamp Completed.png

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